Revolution Racing [R-R] is an LFS race team who drives on the DEMO-servers as well as on the S2-servers from LFS. The main thing for our team is the joy of racing and from there, the speed will follow.

As a team, we organise our own leagues, and we also race in leagues organised by other teams.

One of our leagues is League 13, where we race on Blackwood with the XFG and FBM cars.

A race night takes about 2 hours and there is a varied program, then a short race and a long one or 4 short races. The start order for race one is determined by qualifying. The start order for the next race is then determined by reversing the finish order from the previous race. That way, the fast drivers need to show their driving skills and that they can overtake other drivers.

If you like the above and you want to strengthen our team, then go to our forum and leave us a message. Once again, speed is not the most important thing, sociability and great/honest races are.

Cya on track,

The Team